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Afro Warriors: Battle for Power is a 1-on-1 indie fighting video game that draws heavily from mythical figures and landmarks from the whole Africa as inspiration. However, the game’s characters, levels, and storyline don’t depict historical events but is more trivial in nature. The game world is set on an alternate timeline but has many parallels, references, and callbacks to cultural figures and events.

It was designed with the DNA of the eSport game; with Afro Warriors, our structure comes to offer the very first games made in Africa for eSport competitions and tournaments.

The characters of the game are all inspired by the legends and mythology of the pantheon of African deities, which gives us a very wide field where our creators draw inspiration to propose original characters to which will identify over the years, more than 80% of the cultures of the continent.

About Noohkema Game Studios

Founded in 2017, Noohkema Game Studios S.a.r.l. is one of the leading game developers established in Cameroon. It is a creative company based in Douala and Yaoundé, Cameroon, which develops video games for PC and cell phones. Our ambition is to show how video games and interactive media can be the best way to change the global perception of Africa while preserving our cultural identity for the next generations.

Noohkema has an experienced team with complementary skills, all passionate about digital innovation and video games. They have entered into strategic partnerships with leading software publishers and creation tools that allow them to save considerable time in the development of assets so that they can focus on the development of quality content.

Game Tile: Afro Warriors: Battle for Power Genre: Fighting Game Platform: Android/iOS Release Date: later 2020 Developer: Noohkema Game Studios Afro Warriors Website: https://www.playafrowarriors.com/demo   Noohkema on Social: http://noohkema.com/

  • Instagram: @noohkema.interactive
  • Facebook: @noohkema.game
  • Twitter: @noohkema


Afrowarriors_BattleforPower_Demo_CCA_P.S 2.0_(V1.0.4).apk 90 MB


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The game file is an APK so I can't really play it without android studio