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Who am I ? What is my place in this world ?
There comes a time when everyone asks himself these questions. On Aurioma, an energy called Aurion reacts only to those who seek answers, connecting them to their ancestors.

In the city of Zama, the king and queen,Enkwo and Ewineh Kori-Odan, are crowned on their wedding day. But this happy day will be the beginning of their struggles, their trials and their journey to find the true meaning of the Kori-Odan Heritage(legacy).

Aurion's Story: The Kori-Odan Legacy is based on the African Fantasy role-playing game. The first Cameroonian video game has been praised by international critics for its captivating and inspiring screenplay.



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AuthorProject Springbok at CCA


Aurion LKO


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This is quite a complex game, I think a lot of visual elements are nicely done. There's some pixelation and artifacts I saw in some sprites, the gameplay and visual style reminded me of something from the early era of computer games. I think if the gameplay elements were introduced slowly over a small set of tutorials I'd understand them better but it definitely is an interesting game overall. I think with some polish and pacing (even if primarily aimed at French speaking audiences) I think it could be a solid game.

Very good game! Amazing sound and art! It is in my Top 5 of this week!

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