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Zack 2: Celestine's map is a story driven action adventure RPG set in a world full of magic,secrets and supernatural creatures.

In this world,you choose how you converse with others and your environment as your choices could have massive consequences afterwards.

You can unlock special memory journals from random events in people's past.Collect coins,gold, special items to use in crafting or modifying weapons as well as increasing your battle skills and preparing special charm weapons for battle.

Zack continues his journey to save his lost brother who was taken into captivity when soldiers of Celestine raided their village and took him.In this new arc,he tracks down the spider Goddess who is one of Celestine's lesser generals and has successfully gained control of the minds of the top Knights in Fallholt town and the witch queen of reddwick.

Together with the grand mage, amice (his apprentice) and the warriors of reddwick,he poses an obstruction to the works of Celestine and his generals.

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Zack 2 - Celestines Map

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